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Microsoft Dynamics AX Application Health Manager

Tired of getting those late night 911 calls and text messages about a Dynamics AX batch process that failed or your warehouse being unable to process orders?   Would a solution that provides early warning of Dynamics AX infrastructure issues AND the ability for self-healing be of interest to you?  If so, we have a solution that you can pilot at no cost for 30 days to help you get more control of your work-life balance and more efficient AX operations.

From discussions with several of our Dyanmics AX customers, we found that the traditional managed services platform tools needed to provide a much higher level of application insights in order to properly monitor and manage their Dynamics AX mission critical environment. In addition, we found that the traditional Managed Services solutions relied heavliy on a non-scalable human work effort element that was responsible for identifying and solving the technical issue. The inherent problem with this is the cost associated with a 24/7 manned Network Operations Center to ensure environment issues are quickly remediated.

In response to this, we felt that there was a huge market need for a solution that provided a deep level of monitoring and management at the transaction level of a Dynamics AX environment, as well as a good deal of automated "self-healing" built into the monitoring and management infrastructure. To this end we developed our Microsoft Dynamics AX Application Health Manager which provides the following functionality and benefits:
  • Application monitoring via synthetic transactions for several Dynamics AX transactions and Mobile Warehouse website
  • Real-time transaction and environment performance alerts  
  • Alerts that trigger IT Runbooks for automated self-healing
  • Incredibly intuitive executive dashboard via Microsoft Operations Management Suite
  • Can be set-up and running in your environment in only 1-2 hours
We feel strongly that this solution will provide significant business benefit via substantial reduction in IT labor to identify and fix system issues, but also improve top line revenue and customer satisfaction by ensuring maximum system up-time. Click the button below to get a whitepaper and request a no cost 30-day trial of this solution!

Click here to read a case study on this solution, here to see screenshots of this application, and click here to watch a short YouTube webinar describing this solution.

Our singular focus and purpose is to help your business be more profitable and more efficient. Contact us today and let us help you bring the Power of the our Cloud innovations to your organization!
Patent pending application number 62/337,859
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Who we are:
  • One of very few organizations solely focused on business solutions based on Cloud Computing
  • Led by former Senior Directors of Microsoft's Field Sales & Services teams who incubated Microsoft's Online Services business
  • Over 20 years of experience in providing custom business solutions
  • We fully understand that our clients only invest in solutions that drive business value and have a measurable return on investment

  • Testimonials:
    "Stratus Innovations Group performed a Cloud Assessment Service Offering to assist Nationwide Children’s Hospital... The assessment allowed us to validate assumptions and provided a list of items that we should continue to investigate for feasibility" - Brian Shea, CTO, Nationwide Children's Hospital

    "“Given our unique situation, Stratus Innovations Group was able to help us determine the benefits and the shortcomings if we were to decide to move the Cloud. We recently implemented the Windows Azure Virtual Private Network solution from Stratus Innovations Group for SSO for our Office 365 services. The benefits that we obtained by utilizing their solution were worth many times the investment we made in engaging Stratus Innovations Group to help us with this effort.." - Rob Weisbrodt, CIO, United Church Homes
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