About Stratus Innovations Group

    Stratus Innovations Group is a Technology Solutions organization that solely focuses on Cloud Computing and Cloud Services solutions. We founded Stratus Innovations Group because we strongly believe that Cloud Computing will deliver significant and immediate business value and Return on Investment to organizations that implement Cloud Services for their basic IT Infrastructure and internal application portfolio.

    Meet Our Leadership Team

    Stratus Innovations Group is led by former Directors of Microsoft's Enterprise Field Sales and Services teams, who focused on incubating and bringing to market Microsoft's Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS) Deployment Service Offering.

    Why Stratus Innovations Group?

    While Cloud Computing has become the latest "game-changer" and garnered all the buzz in business and technology circles, there are very few organizations and Solution Providers who truly understand Cloud Computing and the potential business value that this can provide. Most technology providers have developed a large, profitable business selling "on-premise" technology solutions to their customer base, and they see Cloud Services as a threat to their "3-year upgrade" business cycle and revenue stream. We only focus on Cloud Services solutions, which provides a deep technology focus as well as deep understanding of where Cloud Services can provide business value, and what scenarios would be better off deployed on-premise.

    Additionally, our success at Microsoft was tied to understanding our customer's business, deeply understanding their business challenges and initiatives, and what solutions we could bring that either helped our customers increase revenue or decrease expenses. This is the core philosophy we have brought to Stratus Innovations Group, where we commit to only propose solutions that have measureable and immediate business value.

    As you do your long-term technology planning, fiscal year budget planning, or overall strategic planning, we ask that you give us the opportunity to present to you our Cloud Services vision and where we think this will be of value to your organization. Our goal is to develop a trusted strategic advisor status with your organization which allows us to win your business and ultimately your trust in implementing Cloud Services solutions in your environment.

    Our Cloud Computing Solutions Portfolio

    We focus on the following Cloud Computing based solutions:

    • Cloud Computing Assessments to help you understand if, where and when Cloud Services would provide value for your organization
    • Email infrastructure solutions based on Microsoft's Exchange Online Service
    • Employee Collaboration solutions based on Microsoft's Office 365 Collaboration Platform
    • Applications based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM Live platform that automate and integrate your marketing, sales and customer service activities
    • Applications based on Microsoft's Azure Cloud Computing platform that support mission critical business processes
    • Cloud-based PBX solutions based on Microsoft Lync Enterprise Voice