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Cloud Solutions to Accelerate your M&A Activities
If you have recently acquired or merged with another organization, one of the tactical steps is consolidating the different IT platforms. To allow you to focus on the more strategic aspects of the acquisition, we have an innovative idea that will allow you to quickly consolidate the Email and Collaboration platforms that can also save you 50% or more on your Microsoft Exchange and Office Productivity licensing costs.

By consolidating your Email and Microsoft Office Collaboration software to Microsoft's Office 365 and Windows Azure, we can dramatically reduce the cost, time and complexity of combining the Collaboration aspects of the multiple organizations.

Utilizing the Microsoft Cloud Platform to consolidate the disparate organizations' IT environment provides the following benefits:
  • Having a consolidated organization Global Address List without having to modify either on-premise directory environment
  • Tools and processes to automate the migration of your current on-premise Email mail data to Office 365 Exchange Online
  • Turning the day-to-day Microsoft Collaboration software and systems management over to Microsoft that will allow you to free up your IT staff to focus on the technology initiatives you need to grow your business and differentiate in your marketplace
  • Moving from a Client Access License (CAL) model to a User Subscription License (USL) model that is typically lower in cost and allows you the flexibility of a "pay-as-you-go" per user per month utility pricing model
  • Always being on the latest production version of the Microsoft Office Collaboration platform
By utilizing our incredibly low priced Microsoft Exchange Migration Service Offering, we firmly believe that there is no better offer or value available to help you more rapidly and less expensively consolidate different organizations and organizational IT platforms. We are so confident that you will be 100% satisfied that we provide all of our solution offerings with a 60-day post deployment money back guarantee!
Our singular focus and purpose is to help your business be more profitable and more efficient. Contact us today and we'll implement this solution offering in two to three days to help you bring the Power of the Cloud to your organization!
Who we are:
  • One of very few organizations solely focused on business solutions based on Cloud Computing

  • Led by former Senior Directors of Microsoft's Field Sales & Services teams who incubated Microsoft's Online Services business

  • Over 20 years of experience in providing custom business solutions

  • We fully understand that our clients only invest in solutions that drive business value and have a measurable return on investment

  • Testimonials:
    "Stratus Innovations Group performed a Cloud Assessment Service Offering to assist Nationwide Children’s Hospital... The assessment allowed us to validate assumptions and provided a list of items that we should continue to investigate for feasibility" - Brian Shea, CTO, Nationwide Children's Hospital

    "“Given our unique situation, Stratus Innovations Group was able to help us determine the benefits and the shortcomings if we were to decide to move the Cloud. We recently implemented the Windows Azure Virtual Private Network solution from Stratus Innovations Group for SSO for our Office 365 services. The benefits that we obtained by utilizing their solution were worth many times the investment we made in engaging Stratus Innovations Group to help us with this effort.." - Rob Weisbrodt, CIO, United Church Homes